About Me

I am an Italian scientist currently stranded in Finland via UK. I spent the last eight years in Cambridge and it was there where my passion for baking flourished. I always enjoyed cooking, but baking fulfils completely my criteria of a perfect leisure pursuit. Firstly it requires precision and total focus on details, which makes it the most relaxing activity I can think of, something I can do to “decompress” when I feel stressed; secondly it allows me to produce beautiful (most of the times) creations, which gives me an incredible sense of achievement and balances against my more abstract daily occupation; last, but by no means the least, I can feed the people I love with food that they enjoy (at least so far), which is up there among  the two-three things that make me the happiest. Plus I get to play around with a fancy camera and try to take nice pictures of my home-made goodies!
There are only two reasons why I haven’t yet left science to pursue a career in baking: I still enjoy my “real” job too much and I am too worried that to make baking a profession would take away all the fun and the pleasure from it.
But I want to keep perfecting my baking skills and expanding my knowledge about baking, and I thought that having a blog to look after could help me in my learning journey and keep my motivation high. I really hope you enjoy it.
… Ah…and I apologize in advance with all my English native-speaker friends, I’ll try my best to not butcher your language :).

…..and 3 years after…..

…still a (happy) scientist, still stranded in Finland (although not ready yet to admit permanently, I prefer to say at “open end”), still happily married (husband has slowly taken over the picture taking), but now also in the company of an adorable 2 years old rugrat who fills our days with laughter and mess. BTW, a brilliant baking assistant!



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