Pistachio, Orange e chocolate Runeberg Cakes, or Dante’s Peaks


Last week on Friday Finland celebrated Johan Runeberg, national poet and namesake of one the most popular and loved sweets, the Runeber Cake. As most things in Finland people stick to the traditional recipe in q almost religious way: a tall tower of almonds and breadcrumbs sponge and a shiny topping of raspberry jam glaze surrounded by a layer of sweet icing.

On the paper nothing wrong with it, but considering my aversion for berries, the fact that delicious Runeberg Cakes can be found everywhere here between mid January and mid February, and my believe that pastry should be territory for experimentation, I decided to celebrate Runeberg Day with a twist.

I made these little pistachio and orange Runeberg Cakes (I hope Finns reading this blog will forgive my “poetic license” 🙂 )  two years ago on my first Runeberg Day her in Finland, they clearly bear only a vague resemblance with original product but the flavour mix is still delicious and it is my personal way to embrace a Finnish tradition. My husband likes to call them “Dante’s peak”, being Dante the most influential and important Italian poets of all times J.

Have a good Sunday to everyone!




200gr butter

250gr caster sugar

200gr plain four

50gr corn flour

100gr of pistachio flour

250gr eggs

1tsp heaped baking powder

Zest and juice of 6 oranges

200gr sugar

100gr white chocolate

100gr milk or dark chocolate

Cream the butter with the caster sugar and the orange zest. Mix the dry ingredients thoroughly and add them little by little to the cream butter alternation with the eggs.

Fill 6 Runeberg Cakes moulds up to 2/3 and bake in the oven at 180°C for 20-25 minutes or until well raised and golden brown.

Remove from the oven, let cool and soak gently in a syrup made with the orange juice and the sugar. Let the syrup to dry. Melt the chocolate, and decorate making a round button on top of the cake and a border of the white one.

Let the chocolate to cool and enjoy!


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