Cinnamon, Orange and Coconut Macarons: where it all started.


This week we are still quite busy with the new house so baking has to wait unfortunately. But I really felt like posting something so I dug into my archive of pictures and I found these “first attempt to macarons” which I had almost forgotten.

I think they are the perfect example of what I wrote a few months ago, that in baking practice and following recipe properly really makes you better! With the risk of sounding immodest I think you can appreciate (at least visually) the journey between these first macarons and those of one of the following attempts in the very first post of this blog. Look apart I still remember very fondly the great taste of these macarons (the size consistency a bit less fondly…). And it also give me the chance to “recover” from my very first blog-sin which was not giving you the recipe of these amazing treats.
Here it is, have you all a nice weekend!

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Questo fine settimana è ancora molto pieno per il trasloco e la cucina (il forno) in particolare dovranno aspettare ancora qualche giorno. Peró volevo davvero scrivere qualcosa allora sono andata a scovare nel mio archivio di foto e ho trovato questo, la mia prima prova con i macarons, che avevo quasi dimenticato. Credo che siano l’esempio perfetto di ció che ho scritto qualche mese fa quando affermavo the in pasticceria, con la pratica e seguendo la ricetta alla lettera, si puó davvero migliorare. Rischiando di sembrare immodesta credo possiate facilmente apprezzare, almeo visivamente, la differenza tra questi e i macarons mostrati nel primissimo post di questo blog, frutto di uno dei tentativi successivi. A parte l’aspetto, ricordo ancora con soddisfazione il gusto particolare di questi macaron (la consistenza nelle dimensioni un po’ meno…). E mi danno anche la possibilitá di riparare al primo peccato commesso su questo blog qando non pubblicai la ricetta di questo dolcetti mervaigliosi.
Eccola qui, buon weekend a tutti!

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Note: this includes the basic recipe to make the basic macarons shells and the filling for the cinnamon orange and coconut macarons. Fillings in macarons can vary very much based on flavouring and ingredients, when you identify the flavour you want to make a good recipe book or the internet are the best source to find the right filling.

275g almond flour
250g icing sugar (for the shells) + 150g for the filling
6 egg whites + half egg white
210g granulated sugar
Cinnamon powder
The zest of 4 large oranges
Orange essence
150g ground coconut

For the shells, combine the ground almonds, the icing sugar and a couple of teaspoon of ground cinnamon in a food processor to obtain a fine powder. Whisk the 6 egg whites to soft peaks and start adding the granulated sugar while whisking to obtain a stiff meringue, sieve the almond and sugar mixture into the meringue and fold in very delicately. Whisk the other half egg white just until frothy, add a few drops of orange essence and add to the meringue mixture to loosen it slightly. Transfer into a piping bag with a round nozzle medium size. Place a sheet of baking paper on a oven tray and pipe small rounds (3-4cm in diameter) about 2-3 cm apart, you might need more than one tray. Once the tray is filled lift is slightly over the table and let it drop by a few times, this will allow any extra air pocket to be removed and the macarons to spread evenly. Let the macaron to rest at room temperature for at least 30 minutes, until they have formed a nice shiny crust on top and bake for 15-20 minutes at 150C. Remove from the oven and let slightly cool before removing very gently from the baking paper.

For the filling prepare a simple icing by mixing butter and icing sugar together, add orange zest the ground coconut and cinnamon to taste.

Pipe the icing on half of the macarons shell and cover with the remaining shells. For the best macarons, keep in the fridge a few hours, ideally overnight, before eating.


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